Sea Turtle Facts for Kids – the Endangered Animals

Whenever a green sea turtle is born, it will only measure 5 cm long. However, throughout time, it has the ability to reach a maximum of 1.5 meters. This may be 5 ft. It may even weigh over 300 kg eventually. This is one of the reasons why it turned out to be the largest turtle with hard shell sea. There are still various sea turtle facts for kids that many owe to learn.

The green turtle comes with a dorsal shell. This is also the case for the carapace. This may be wide, brownish-olive and even smooth. The underside of the shell is termed as the plastron. This is colored in yellow. Most of the green sea turtles are named because of their skin which is greenish. Most of the time, their heads do not have the ability to retract to their bodies. Well. This is not surprising because this is a typical trait for turtles. With that said though, they have the ability to reach the speed of almost 56 km per hr. This may be 35 mph. The mentioned comes with its streamlined shell. The same is also true with the presence of paddle-like flippers. These would aid their ability to swim right away with the right amount of grace. This may occur.

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A ton of the said turtles are capable of holding their breath. They can do this for a great number of hours. This occurs because by nature, they have been so cold-blooded. The temperature of the water has the capacity to affect the ability of the turtle to hold breath. As a matter of fact, if the water is colder, it is easier for them to breathe and they can even do this on a longer span of time. This is another mind blowing fact about the turtle.

Needless to say, the turtle has well-adapted to the life of sea. This is evident in the fact that their mobility underwater is perfect. This does not even have to carry travels which are all on the beach. On land, these are most likely to move slowly. The mentioned may pull themselves all the time and this may happen alongside flippers. In general though, these green turtles would only venture on the land whenever they have to lay eggs. The females would take charge in doing this of course. This takes place from only 2 to 4 years. This is one of the reasons why they have been sexually mature in nature.

In order for them to reach their nesting grounds, these turtles will migrate in very long distances. These may even travel back to most beaches where they were given birth. Once they are through mating in these shallow waters near any shore, the female turtles will take charge in climbing the beach. They do this so that they can lay their eggs. Truth is that they can lay 100 to 200 eggs. This is how they do it at a time. They can be left alone for two months this way.