Magnetic Therapy for Pain and Arthritis: Magnetic Pain Therapy with Healing Magnets

Magnetic therapy has been used for healing for thousands of years. Today the validity of using magnetic therapy for arthritis, and pain in general, is still inconclusive, although many people appreciate the alternative that healing magnets offer. Using high quality magnetic therapy products may be a solution for many arthritis sufferers who do not want to be dependent on or have the side effects of conventional pain medication.

What is Magnetic Pain Therapy?

Magnetic pain therapy is the use of magnets to effect the body’s electromagnetic field, thereby creating changes within the body. Healing magnets have a balancing effect, helping to create harmony between the positive and negative energies of the body. This balance in the magnetic field translates into a body naturally equipped for healing and disease prevention.

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For example, when magnetic energy is heavily positive, the body is generally in an acid-producing state. This leads to arthritis, pain, fatigue, insomnia, and a tendency towards fat storage. Healing magnets can be used to balance the magnetic field, helping to create an alkaline-producing state, characterized by increased flow of oxygen, the ability to sleep deeply, clear mental activity, reduced pain, and reduced swelling and fluid retention. When the body is alkaline-producing, bacteria, viruses and other harmful microbes are less likely to exist. By working towards balance, magnetic pain therapy helps to promote overall-well being by offsetting the negative effects of environmental toxins, stress, prescription medications, and poor diet.

How Magnetic Therapy for Arthritis Works

Precisely how magnetic pain therapy benefits arthritis is unclear, although there are a number of possibilities based on the facts of magnetic therapy. First, magnets increase blood flow in the body, therefore increasing the amount of oxygen circulating through the body, which is vital for healing. Healing magnets help to balance the body’s pH levels, they encourage the release of toxins, and they help the body remove excess calcium from joints, which could be causing joint pain. Magnetic therapy also encourages enzyme activity, also essential for healing, reduces inflammation, and may stimulate endorphin production.

Tips for Using Magnetic Therapy Products

When looking for magnetic therapy products, there are a range of options to choose from, with fashionable magnet therapy jewelry, wraps, foot insoles, and even magnetic therapy mattress pads. Where magnetic mattress pads can be expensive, wraps, insoles, bracelets, and massagers are not as expensive. Try starting with a magnetic bracelet or wrap to find out if magnetic therapy is desirable before investing in a mattress. Also, look for high quality healing magnets, with a field strength of 700 gauss to 5,000 gauss. Extremely cheap, weak magnets will probably serve no purpose.

Are Healing Magnets Effective for Arthritis?

Can magnetic therapy for arthritis really work? There is some doubt as to the effectiveness of this alternative treatment. According to an article in The New York Times by Anahad O’Conner, “The Claim: Magnetic Therapy Can Ease Arthritis Pain,” a comprehensive 2012 study of the use of standard magnetic therapy bracelets found that healing magnets have no negative effects, but the positive effects are too minimal to be considered significant. Some studies do report patients claiming a reduction in pain, although in some cases the placebo appears to be just as effective. Magnetic pain therapy is too inconclusive to become a standard alternative treatment for pain.

Without conclusive studies, people who suffer from arthritis are left to decide whether or not to use magnetic therapy for arthritis for themselves. When comparing magnetic pain therapy and medication, a high quality magnet can be expensive, although nothing compared to the long-term costs of medication. As magnetic pain therapy addresses the root of the problem — chronic inflammation due to imbalance — if healing magnets are effective, they will treat arthritis, as opposed to covering up the symptoms of arthritis. Magnetic therapy is non-invasive, and completely safe; magnets are simply worn or placed outside of the body where there is pain. Common prescription medications for pain and arthritis have side effects ranging from abdominal cramps and constipation to dizziness and blood clots.

Magnetic pain therapy is potentially an ideal solution for many people; for some it may have a small beneficial effect, and for others none at all. Perhaps addressing chronic arthritis with a range of solutions may be the best options; eating anti-inflammatory foods, and talking to a doctor about trying healing magnets, combined with, or instead of prescription medication.